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Frequently Asked questions

What is Shamanism?


Shamanism is a healing modality that the Amazonian and Native Americans used to heal the people from their tribe. It is a powerful tool that can be used to heal the spirit, mind and the body.

How does it work?


It works in an energetic, psychological and soul level. To put it in simple terms, it is all about taking back the power that one has lost. Let me explain. No matter what the problem is, it always boils down to this, a particular situation, person or thought has gained power over oneself and taking charge. In other words, we react in accordance to these situations or events.

For example, someone has hurt us and we suffered mental or physical distress. Now we are angry with this person and carry that anger and frustration. Over time, we move on with life. We still have this energy hiding inside (usually in some part of the body) and controlling our life. We attract life situations that resonate with this stored energy and things get worse. It might also manifest as a physical illness. Now what we have done is, we have given ‘Power’ to this energy to exercise control and do what it wants to do. If not addressed, this will eventually become a ‘Habit’.  

New age ‘love and light’ spiritual books say ‘forgive’ and all will be well. This is true, but it is not that easy to forgive oneself and others, when they have harmed our loved one or us. 'Wanting' to forgive simply does not work, as it is not practical in many situations. It further causes ‘resistance’ beating oneself up for not being able to forgive. Good news is, there are practical ways to do it. Shamanism is one such proven, practical solution.


Imagine these controls as a thread. We sure has numerous threads from all the past events, mental projections and what not! We are good at letting these threads become habits without even knowing that we are doing it. What if we don’t give the power to these threads? What if we can unravel these tangled threads and cut it, so it doesn’t have a hold on us anymore? This is exactly what Shamanism does. Ancient wise ones had developed several techniques that could help one free themselves and take the power back. It could be through Soul Illumination – where one sees the past events that had control in new light, there by releasing the associated negative energy. It could be via Soul Retrieval – a process to bring back the lost soul parts that had separated due to trauma, heart-break etc. It could be through past life illumination – a process to release the ancestral energy that was passed on from patents or one’s own past lives. Every time I work with a client, I unravel another thread that is holding me, which I can work with to heal myself.


What led me to Shamanism?


Years ago I was reading a book called ‘The Cosmic Serpent’. This book was an anthropologist perspective of the Amazonian people and their culture. I was intrigued about the plant medicine that they use to enter alternate realities to gather information to heal someone or themselves. I had no intentions for going to the Amazon and trying this medicine myself. In next few days, I met a guy who was talking to me about this same medicine. Hmm, could be a coincidence!? In a couple of weeks, somehow life took me to a place where I was sitting in a medicine ceremony to try the medicine brew for myself! Out of curiosity, I went few more times to see the light show and unicorns! Slowly, the spirit of the medicine connected with me and started to communicate in profound ways. In those ceremonies, the Shaman would come and do healing which was powerful that I could feel the effects weeks after.

I got a little curious, how did the Shaman know what to do and what to heal? What happened during the healing? It is not about seeing unicorns anymore, it is about working on myself, it about listening to the great spirit that talks to me in the trance state. The strong message the Spirit gave me was to try the healing path and see how my life would change. This is what I did. I trained with the Shaman, went to Peru to connect to the Amazonian and the plant spirit, listened to the medicine in plant journeys. With this path, I healed myself from the negative thought patterns, addictive behaviors such as gambling, left over energies from past trauma (PTSD) and changed the way I look at life. 

Where do you practice?

I practice at my home therapy room in Glastonbury near high street. I can also go to the clients place if it is not too far!

Are you insured to do this job?

Yes, I am fully insured for all my practices. 

Why do you call it 'Jaguar Medicine Healing'?

Because I like Jaguars :)

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