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Frequently Asked questions

What is Shamanic Healing?

           Shamanic Healing is an ancient and potent form of shamanic practice rooted in the wisdom of Amazonian and Native American traditions. It encompasses a holistic approach to healing, addressing the interconnectedness of the spirit, mind, and body. At its core, Jaguar Medicine Healing is about reclaiming lost power and restoring balance to one's being.


How does Shamanic Healing work?

           Shamanic Healing operates on multiple levels, including energetic, psychological, and soul dimensions. Drawing from my experiences and teachings, this practice involves unraveling the threads of power that have entangled us. As I guide individuals through practices like Soul Illumination and Soul Retrieval, we delve deep into the subconscious to unearth and transform past traumas, allowing for profound healing and self-discovery.


What led you to Shamanism?

           My journey into Shamanism was sparked by a profound curiosity and a series of synchronistic events. After encountering 'The Cosmic Serpent', a book offering anthropological insights into Amazonian culture, I found myself drawn to the healing potential of plant medicine. This curiosity led me to participate in medicine ceremonies in the Amazon, where I experienced transformative healing and guidance from the spirits. Inspired by these experiences, I embarked on a path of training and exploration, ultimately embracing Shamanism as a way of life.


Where do you practice?

           I offer Healing sessions at my dedicated therapy room in Glastonbury, conveniently located near the high street. Additionally, for those unable to visit me, I am happy to arrange sessions at alternative locations within a reasonable distance.


Are you insured to practice Jaguar Medicine Healing?

           Yes, I am fully insured to practice Healing and bodywork, ensuring the safety and well-being of my clients throughout our sessions. My priority is to provide a secure and supportive environment for healing to unfold.


Why is it called 'Jaguar Medicine Healing'?

           The name 'Jaguar Medicine Healing' holds deep significance for me. The jaguar embodies qualities of strength, agility, and intuition, serving as a powerful symbol of transformation and resilience. By invoking the spirit of the jaguar in my practice, I aim to harness its energy to facilitate profound healing and empowerment for my clients. Plus, I have always felt a special connection to these magnificent creatures!

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