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Powerful experience. I had a wonderful experience with Takoda. I did a past life release which was just the best, incredibly healing. The session itself I experienced powerful shifts and sensations, but it was post healing, in the following days and months where I noticed the the biggest shifts internally and externally. Particularly the following days, it felt like an after glow. It was exactly what I needed and I highly recommend if you are feeling drawn into doing something similar. Something may be buried deep that needs to be let go of that you can't fully access on your own.


I went for a wonderful Shamanic healing session with Takoda which was so powerful from start to finish. He explained everything in great detail before the session. He has the most beautiful peaceful and calming energy and put me at ease as soon as I stepped through the door.  I felt completely protected and supported through out the healing and was able to clear through blockages I had.
Takoda is an amazing healer, I have such gratitude for how he has helped me and would highly recommend him. I feel so much lighter now with more focus and clarity.  I look forward to booking in with him again on my next visit.  Thank you so much.


Takoda is exceptional. He has a calming energy to him and really makes you feel at ease throughout the process. He went above and beyond - I’d highly recommend!


I came to see Takoda for shamanic healing and am amazed by the results even after one session. The experience of meeting Jaguar and knowing that I am safe is immensely healing and powerful. I would highly recommend Takoda to anyone considering shamanic healing - he is sincerely kind, peaceful, and pure.


Transformative! Takoda is a very gifted shamanic practitioner. I’ve never had a healing like this - he combined Cacao ceremony with a guided journey where for the first time I actually felt something shift in a powerful way (I generally struggle to visualise or even relax during practices like that). He has a great voice and I loved the way he uses the drum, chimes and bells. In my experience, Takoda is the kind of a healer who gives you the opportunity to do your own processing whilst asking skillful questions and creating a safe, containing space for this to happen. Will definitely go back again.

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I went to Takoda for a Healing Holistic Massage. It was great. I really liked the fact he uses sound bowls, chimes as well as beautiful oil. I felt very comfortable and relaxed and it was a great experience for shifting negative energy.


I highly recommend either or both the healing session & massage as I continue to feel the benefits almost a month later.  The healing process allowed me to openly address & then release childhood trauma followed by the massage that fully removed it from me, I feel so much lighter & calmer & highly recommend Takoda to everyone, he is an inspiration & authentic healer/person.


Went for a healing session and found it very helpful in letting go of pain and trauma from the past. It's not easy but it taps into deep parts of yourself that need to be set free. thoroughly recommend

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The affects of healing tend to be very subtle, however I was able to notice clear differences and effects in the work that Takoda does. He does it with the utmost respect, earnesty and due care / attention that is required for the practice.


Absolutely phenomenal, I have had 4 shamanic healing sessions so far and will be continuing for the foreseeable future as I work on myself and work with the medicine wheel. Very personal deep work that is challenging but very enjoyable and highly productive, exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend. I feel safe and supported by Takoda throughout and moving forward.


I was very fortunate to find Takoda's Shamanic Healing. He has very unique and individual approach. After one session with him, I felt aligned and experienced a major shift. Definitely, what I was looking for. I would love to recommend Takoda's Services to everyone. 


I went to Takoda, suffering from hallucination and body shakes that was lingering from an illness. I had a few sessions to work on it. During the healing, I felt sensations on my body that I had never felt before. It was good to talk through my problems as well. Would definitely recommend Takoda for a healthy body and mind.


Takoda was very peaceful, and thoroughly tapped into the energies around to cleanse and administer a wonderful healing massage. Provided a safe, spiritual and hospitable environment, and I appreciate that he’s truly dedicated to his work.


Takoda , what a man he is? There are no words to express my gratitude to him. I was at my last tether and wanted to give up on all the things I enjoyed as my last injury was very severe and really crippled me and took me on a more negative journey the last 2 months no matter how  hard I tried to stay positive. I was doing all my physical therapy but forgot my mental state. I wished I had seen Takoda 2 months ago but he came at the right time in my life to get fixed. I appreciate every part of me now and my worth. I love how I am feeling now but still early days. I now am able to catch myself when I start to think negatively after my therapy and journey Takoda took me on. I hate talking about my past but Takoda uses a different method to help ease my demons .
It was a strange feeling the next day to not feel that constant pain I had for 2 months.


My 2nd treatment was the healing massage which was so different to all the other massages I had done as this had aligned my chakras to balance. I loved this treatment as I can feel the last lingering niggles disappearing.


I was hurting inside for so long that it was easy to be angry than try to stay positive. Thank you Takoda for both experiences and coming into my life at the right time. I know this is a lot but I truly cannot thank you. I don’t feel like I’m in my 40’s and feel so much younger in my head. Im Back BABY whoop whoop xxxxx


Takoda offers a bundle of healing practices that he artistically tailored to a relaxing healing session. I would highly recommend to take the advantage and use such an amazing oportunity of shifting your Being through his amazingly crafted medicine. Upi Chai Takoda!


I went to Takoda for a Shamanic Healing session. I didn't know what to expect as it was my first time, but he carefully explained the principles of shamanic healing, and made me feel really relaxed and comfortable as he started his work. It was a great experience that I recommend everyone to try! Thank you Takoda :)


I’ve had several healings from Takoda and they’ve all been excellent. He is very committed to his work and always gives one hundred percent. Takoda is a very genuine and caring man and I would definitely recommend his treatments.


I recently had a Shamanic Healing with Takoda, it was a powerful healing which brought much clarity and helped me to heal on behalf of my ancestors, I would highly recommend working with him.
I also attended a cacao ceremony he co-facilitated which was such an incredible experience where I also received much guidance and healing in a wonderful group setting.


My one to one Cacao ceremony was wonderful, the healing felt very powerful. It helped me bring some much needed clarity to a situation and I felt really refreshed afterwards. Five stars all the way, I would definitely recommend.


I feel Takoda’s dedication to his art lends the recipient much to be grateful for. His integration of traditional Indian chanting is blended with traditional Peruvian modalities which combined with his healing spirit means the work gets done in a purely beautiful way. He is technically perfect! I went for a shamanic healing and now feel I have gained a lot from the short time I spent with him~ He cleared a lot for me, so I am going for another one! Thanks Takoda!


The massage and shamanic session was a great combination. These sessions created the space for energy to move and expand for me. I would love to continue the journey next time I am in Glastonbury!


I went to Takoda for a shamanic healing session. I'd never had one before so didn't know what he expect. He is calm, open and reassuring, and I feel that what he facilitated me to release, naturally, within myself, has really helped. I would recommend him without hesitation.


I had a very powerful healing session with Takoda, which certainly helped. Thanku so much for the time you spent doing my treatment and I enjoyed the Cacao afterwards! I would recommend highly.


Takoda is the a seasoned Shaman who will travel into the underworld to retrieve your soul so you can come home to yourself and journey on from a place of wholeness and purpose.

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Recently experienced a full body massage with Takoda and felt very relaxed, rejuvenated, just what I needed! Lovely man, lovely space, perfect massage! Highly recommend!

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