Powerful experience. I had a wonderful experience with Takoda. I did a past life release which was just the best, incredibly healing. The session itself I experienced powerful shifts and sensations, but it was post healing, in the following days and months where I noticed the the biggest shifts internally and externally. Particularly the following days, it felt like an after glow. It was exactly what I needed and I highly recommend if you are feeling drawn into doing something similar. Something may be buried deep that needs to be let go of that you can't fully access on your own.

Working Coffee

I went to Takoda, suffering from hallucination and body shakes that was lingering from an illness. I had a few sessions to work on it. During the healing, I felt sensations on my body that I had never felt before. It was good to talk through my problems as well. Would definitely recommend Takoda for a healthy body and mind.


Went for a healing session and found it very helpful in letting go of pain and trauma from the past. It's not easy but it taps into deep parts of yourself that need to be set free. thoroughly recommend


I was very fortunate to find Takoda's Shamanic Healing.He has very unique and individual approach. After one session with him, I felt aligned and experienced a major shift. Definitely, what I was looking for. I would love to recommend Takoda's Services to everyone. 


Takoda made me feel safe and at ease. The session was a perfectly timed and aligned soul retrieval. He has the gift of relating clearly to the shamanic energies and the feedback was very clear with what was blocking me. I’ve felt a huge shift and I’m filled up again with my childhood essence and power. Thank you so much for this gift. I will be going back to Takoda for more, if you are wondering whether to have a session, you won’t find better value for money. The sessions should be double the price for what you receive. Urpichay 💕

Road Trip

The affects of healing tend to be very subtle, however I was able to notice clear differences and effects in the work that Takoda does. He does it with the utmost respect, earnesty and due care / attention that is required for the practice.