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Jaguar medicine Healing


          I am Takoda, a shamanic practitioner. Born in a spiritual family, I always felt the call from the Divine Mother to be her servant and walk the path of devotion and healing. However, I ignored it at the beginning and traveled around the world searching for something that was already inside me - Truth. I traveled in the Himalayas, stayed in monasteries, lived with the Chippewa Native American tribe admiring their rich culture and practices. The Natives gave me a name 'Ninandawenjige Waawaashkeshiinh' meaning 'watching for deer'

          Finally, I couldn't ignore the call anymore after undergoing deep extended periods of trance with the plant medicine in Peru. I am committed to walk the Shamanic healing path and it is my honor to share this with you. I also enjoy creating medicine music.    

Contact: 07436510157 (Glastonbury, Somerset, England, United Kingdom)



How I Can Help You

Please check my availability via Text or Whatsapp on 07436510157 before booking! 

Night stay available for clients - Pics here

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